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Sister Mary Cornille, SLW 


A few memories of First Communion, May 24, 1942 

Most of my “holy memories” go back to our preparation time. Every afternoon the two classrooms of second graders would squeeze together in the desks of Sister James’ classroom. Sister James was a very small person who stood on a platform behind her desk as she spoke to us. She obviously loved Jesus a lot and I loved her. I know what she taught us: Jesus loves us so much he wants to be with us, in us. He comes to us “body and blood, soul and divinity.” Don’t chew the host; just let it dissolve in your mouth. Be very still after you receive communion and just be with Jesus. Don’t eat or drink after midnight, even water. 

Sunday morning: I had a beautiful dress, made by my grandma. I can remember it vividly in detail, these 75 years later. She sewed in the arms of long gloves because we were required to have long sleeves, and after I came home from church, we took them out and I had short puffed sleeves for the party. I had slept on hair curled in rags to give me long curls instead of my usual pigtails. When I got to school, the drinking fountains were tied with cloths to remind us not to drink before receiving communion. 

After I received Jesus during Mass, I went back to my place. I was very happy and very quiet but I didn’t know what to say to Jesus. I think I told Him the story of Red Riding Hood. 

I tell Him a lot more things these days, and I listen too.

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