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First Communion Memories: Sister Ann Casper, SP


Sister Ann Casper, SP

I made my First Communion in the days of large classes of second-graders and strict Church rules about fasting from food and water after midnight. I can remember my parents cautioning me about not taking a drink of water or I would not be able to make my First Communion. When we got to school before Mass, all the girls were dressed in white dresses, white anklets and shoes and wore white veils; the boys in blue trousers and a tie with white shirts. All the water fountains in the school were covered with large towels lest anyone forget. 

We processed to church with a boy partner and into our pews. All the children sat together, boys on one side of the church aisle and girls on the other. Parents sat separately behind us. The children each had a special little hardcover First Communion Prayer Book and a rosary. 

As the Latin Mass progressed, I remember thinking that the time to receive Jesus would never come! When we finally processed to the communion railing and knelt to receive the consecrated host, I was so excited and happy. From now on I would not have to sit by myself in the pew when everyone else went to communion! It was indeed a special day and still is. 

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