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Other Ways to Give


In addition to a one-time or monthly donation, here are some other ways you may consider supporting the important work of SOAR!

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle sponsored by a public charity. It allows you, your family, or business to make an irrevocable contribution to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program and take an immediate tax deduction. Donors can then recommend grants to any IRS-qualified public charity, such as SOAR!. DAFs offer donors an easy way to plan, manage and potentially grow their charitable giving.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is a payment you make directly from your IRA to support a 501(c)(3) charity like SOAR!

If you are over 70½, you can use a QCD to give up to $100,000 per year from your IRA directly to charitable organizations without that amount counting toward your taxable income. If you have an IRA and are 73 or older as of January 1, 2023, you need to take a required minimum distribution (RMD).

Contact your IRA administrator if you would like to direct a portion of your QCD or IRA to SOAR! Our legal title is Support Our Aging Religious, Inc. and our tax ID number is 52-1485481. Please speak with a tax professional for advice specific to your situation.

Life Insurance

You can list SOAR! as a primary or contingency beneficiary, or, when you take out a policy, you can specify a charitable organization such as SOAR! and your premiums will be tax-deductible. You can also use or assign dividends from an existing policy to a qualified charity. This eliminates out-of-pocket contributions, yet still creates a deduction as dividends are paid.

Stocks, Bonds or Securities

Your gift of appreciated stock, bonds or securities may result in tax savings for you and will benefit SOAR! and its mission. If you give stock or bonds that have appreciated in value, you receive an immediate income tax deduction on the fair market value of your gift and you avoid capital gains tax. To obtain a deduction for the current tax year, stock transfers must be completed by December 31.

To make a stock gift, please provide your stock broker with the following account information:

Account Name:  Support Our Aging Religious, Inc.

Broker:  Merrill-Lynch

DTC #: 8862

SOAR! Account #:  83004D42

SOAR! tax ID #: 52-1485481

Workplace Giving

For those interested in supporting SOAR! via their workplace, there are a number of options:

  • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): SOAR! is a participant in the CFC campaign. Federal employees and military personnel can designate Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR!) to receive their contributions to the CFC. Our CFC number is 10041.
  • United Way: Write in Support Our Aging Religious, Inc. on your pledge card and include the SOAR! IRS identification number: 52-1485481
  • Matching Gifts: Your gift to SOAR! could be matched dollar-for-dollar or sometimes even more through your company’s matching gift program. Many employer-sponsored programs match charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees, and/or employees’ spouses.


Every time you shop at any of the 1,700+ online stores in the iGive network, a portion of the money you spend benefits Support Our Aging Religious. It's a free service, and you'll never pay more when you reach a store through iGive. In fact, smart shoppers will enjoy iGive's repository of coupons, free shipping deals, and sales. To get started, just create your free iGive account.

If you have additional questions about any of the giving choices above, do not hesitate to contact SOAR! via email or by phone at (202) 529-7627.