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Sister M. Christine Crowder, FSGM


SOAR! recently had an opportunity to talk with Sister M. Christine Crowder, a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George in Alton, Illinois. We share her story here. 

 When we asked Sister about her vocation path, she said, “I never thought of becoming a Sister until my senior retreat in high school.” “I wanted to be a nurse and have a large family. When I spoke to my pastor about my possible vocation as a religious Sister, he said that it was important to want what God wanted and to pray for God’s will,” she said.

Sister M. Christine was taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame and the Sisters of St. Joseph who were wonderful examples of faith, but still, she had her heart set on being a nurse. She discovered the order of Sisters who owned and operated the Mother of Good Counsel Home, a skilled nursing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, andon her first visit, she knew this is where God wanted her to be. She shared that she “felt at home” and was inspired by the Sisters, who “are joyful, live simply in community, and do everything for Jesus.“  

She entered the order on July 16, 1963 and professed her first vows in 1966. 

Sister M. Christine became a licensed practical nurse, and later, in 1979, received her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She served in various areas of the healthcare field for 30 years, including her work as Director of Nursing from 1989-1996 at the Mother of Good Counsel Home. She recalls the joy of working with lay nurses whose spirituality contributed greatly to the Christ-like service and care given to residents at the nursing home.  

In following the motto of doing everything for Jesus, Sister N. Christine also served her religious community as Provincial Vicar from 1996-2008 and as superior at St. Francis Convent in Alton, Illinois from 2008-2014.   

In 2014, Sister M. Christine returned to the Mother of Good Counsel Home as the administrator and served there until 2020, when she returned to Alton, Illinois, and became the Volunteer Coordinator at OSF St.  Anthony’s Health Center. “I am so grateful for the dedicated, friendly and helpful volunteers. Each volunteer provides an extra element of Christ’s love to others.” 

Sister M. Christine continues her ministry and prays each day. She is grateful for the grant from SOAR! which replaced the HVAC system in the Adoration Chapel. “Before it was fixed, you didn’t know what the temperature would be, or whether or not you needed to take in a sweater, and it was distracting, as were the loud noises coming from the system.”  The new system ensures the Sisters are comfortable as they continue their vital ministry of prayer, and many people have returned to make a prayerful visit after learning that the problems with the system had ended.   

When asked for some words of wisdom, Sister M. Christine said, “Look for God’s will. When you are more aware of God’s presence in others and in yourself, He becomes that close companion Who is always there for you.”   

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