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“They taught me about hospitality.”

In this series, we are sharing stories of how Catholic Sisters have guided and inspired you. You can share your story here.

Everything I learned about hospitality – I learned from the Benedictine Sisters. I was working at my parish on a part-time basis and met Sr. Kathleen who was the pastoral associate there.  I had only worked there a few short months when I went into premature labor with my second child.  Living in a city where we had no family, I was so happy to see Sister Kathleen at my bedside hours after I had given birth.  She came by to check on me and was the first person beside my husband and I told hold our son.

From that moment on, I have learned about what it means to live in a spirit of hospitality. All of the Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore at Emmanuel Monastery have shown me through their everyday actions how to be my best self and to care for others.  Over the past 16 years, the Sisters have not only been my teachers of hospitality but they have become my family.  They have extended themselves to me and in return, I have learned how to extend myself to others.  I am forever grateful to their continued hospitality and every day I reflect on how I will live that in my own life.

Molly Corbett


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