In this series, we are sharing stories of how Catholic Sisters have guided and inspired you. You can share your story here.

The Religious of the Sacred Heart have inspired me all of my life. They educated me in elementary and high school and I remain close to many. Then, as now, these amazing Sisters seek to find the positive in each student, helping them focus and grow. Through their wonderful example, they instilled in me a love of God and my faith, social awareness, and the importance of building, supporting and giving back to the community.

The Sisters taught me that I could do whatever I wanted and achieve any goal I set. Over the years, I’ve pursed a variety of career paths, including owning and managing a horse stable, being a civil engineering designer, and now, a geriatric social worker. Everything I do is a result of the encouragement I received from these exceptional women and a reflection of the values which they passed on to me.

Deborah Dunham