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First Communion Memories: Sister Mary Jeanne Davidson, SSND


I remember my First Communion. I was six years old when I first received Jesus.  I loved him so much, I promised to come to church every morning to receive him! With passion I began to follow this near impossible promise; our school was next to the church and every morning I began going to Mass.

Even on Saturdays I wanted to “surprise Jesus” as I opened the door of the church! Then I learned in school that God knows everything…God knows if I am coming or not.

This began a little struggle in my heart as I lay in bed on Saturday. Maybe I won’t go to church…I can’t surprise God anymore…But then again, God knows what I will do!  God knows when I will come…Oh YES! I’ll come!

Then in high school (Notre Dame Academy in Waterdown), I was privileged to be taught by our School Sisters of Notre Dame and gifted with Mass every morning – “Jesus, Risen Lord!” became an intimate friend in Eucharist, and it is this Jesus, who drew me to religious life; to joyfully lay down my life for him!

There are no words to adequately express the exquisite JOY of following JESUS as a School Sister of Notre Dame.

Yes! Love gives everything.


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