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Sister Teresa Schlereth, SA

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Sister Teresa Schlereth, SA, age 88, was born on January 12, 1929 in Rich Valley, Alberta, Canada to Peter and Agnes Schlereth in a large farming family with nine siblings. Teresa and her sister, June came to Graymoor entering the Congregation together on November 19, 1949. Her First Vows were professed on May 10, 1951. Sister Teresa began her Atonement missionary journey in upstate New York in various towns and cities then on to Oregon and Utah. Sister Teresa was involved in faith formation at various age levels, visiting families of her students, the elderly and homebound, bringing food and clothing to the needy and taking the census of the parish. The presence and prayer of Sister Teresa impacted on many lapsed Catholics and others who were often guided back to the sacraments along with having their children baptized in the Catholic faith. After Vatican II, Teresa led bible studies and prayer groups in various parishes. Ministering at our OLA Retreat House at Graymoor and then in Assisi at St. Anthony’s Guest House brought many people into her life and prayer. After enduring the earthquake in Assisi on 9/26/97, Sister Teresa was transferred to our Guest House in Rome as our Assisi mission required repair.

After her assignment in Italy, Sister was assigned to Vancouver, British Columbia where she ministered to the poor of the area at our Breadline where the hungry were nourished in body and spirit. Sister Teresa moved on to Edmonton for ministry at our Franciscan Centre and then to San Juan Bautista, California followed by her return to Graymoor in May of 2016. Many tasks keep Sister Teresa actively engaged as she assists with sacristan duties for our Motherhouse Chapel while coordinating the Mass stipends. Sister is also a gifted artist with cartoon drawing on the side and creating special hand-made cards. Sister Teresa has a depth of joy within and she shares it with all those she encounters.

In 2017, the Franciscan Sisters of Atonement received a grant from SOAR! to install technology upgrades for their senior Sisters.

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