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Pearls of Wisdom: A Full Life

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Religious women and men have blessed our days with their wisdom and presence. They have nurtured and cared for us — mind, body, and soul. Today, they share their pearls of wisdom and offer their continued prayers for you.

Our Pearls of Wisdom series contains some wonderful insights from those whose communities have been blessed by the generous support of SOAR! donors and friends.SPJandSKathleen

SKathleenSchWhen I read your invitation to share something I have  learned in my life of ministry, I thought of all that I have learned in my life of ministry and I thought of all that I am learning from my Sisters day by day here at McAuley Convent and particularly from one who has known me almost my whole life.

Before we were Sisters, we were neighbors.  Loss came early for her; her mother, when she was seven, and then one sibling after another.  She will be remembered as teacher, singer, and part of Movement for a Better World, a member of the Sister of Mercy leadership team, for her ministry with homeless women, and as a spiritual director and faithful friend.

She still sings beautifully, takes part in every activity, knows the words of prayers and songs and is ever grateful and welcoming.  And yes, her losses continue: hearing, sight, and memory.  Periodically she will say, “I’ve had a wonderful life,” and she has.  In the gracious way she lives and loves, gives and receives, she is a joy and inspiration.

So when I hear someone say that she’s failing or diminishing, it just doesn’t fit. Rather she may very well be living out Jesus’ promise of “life to the full.” When you ask her how she’s doing, her consistent answer is, “Best I can,” and she is.  And that’s what God sees.

Who could ask for more?

Sister Kathleen Schneider
Sisters of Mercy of the America
Mid-Atlantic Community
Merion Station, Pennsylvania

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