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Pearls of Wisdom: Always Learning


Religious women and men have blessed our days with their wisdom and presence. They have nurtured and cared for us — mind, body, and soul. Today, they share their pearls of wisdom and offer their continued prayers for you.

Our Pearls of Wisdom series contains some wonderful insights from those whose communities have been blessed by the generous support of SOAR! donors and friends.

“I never thought I’d do it. I am fundamentally a teacher and have been so all my religious life. Still am, in fact. But there came a time when the classroom and teaching waned and wore out.

Through the grace of God, serendipity, or just plain luck, I got into formal training in Clinical Pastoral Education. Even then I didn’t think I could handle it – a hospital chaplain. All that pain, suffering, tragedy. My being overly emotional, taking on too much responsibility, being far too serious.

That changed too. I learned and became a better person for it. God provided again.

Many years later now, I look back and find myself so very blessed in being permitted by my community to enter that study, learn new skills, change careers, and find new ministry.

My hope though, as the years add up, is to be graceful and accepting of my own frailty and brokenness when my time of serious illness comes, when I am in bed and I need help and ministry from another chaplain.

Inevitably in life, roles get reversed. I pray God I have learned.”

Brother Joseph McTaggart
Brothers of Holy Cross
Midwest Province
Notre Dame, Indiana

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