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COVID-19 Rapid Response grants give Sisters a fresh start


As vaccines begin to roll out across the globe, people are looking to a fresh start. 

Grants for technology help Sisters like Sister Dolly.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear to the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart in Towson, Maryland that many of their Sisters did not have access to electronic devices that support Zoom or other online communication activities. They found themselves unable to attend meetings or connect with the community except for phone calls.

Thanks to our donors, SOAR! has been able to provide rapid response grants for technology as well as staffing needs and medical and safety equipment to address the needs of those suffering from the virus and ensure the care and safety of our religious and their caretakers.

The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart received a grant to purchase both iPads and laptop computers. Now, they can attend online Mass, join in Zoom meetings, FaceTime, e-mail and keep up with other members of the congregation and their friends and families. “Every day, I learn something new,” said Sister Dolly, 87.

Indeed, the technology creates opportunities for Sisters to learn through online classes and other opportunities. Sister Martha used her iPad to learn how to sew face masks. You can see some of her work here.



Rapid response grants have helped Sisters to connect with others and pray in community. Both iPads and laptops have become lifelines for them and provided a fresh start in the midst of very challenging times. Long after the pandemic, the communication devices and the skills learned will continue to enhance the lives of the Sisters.

This technology has opened many doors for aging women and men religious. Thanks to SOAR! donors, vital connections to community and families can be maintained during a time when it is so difficult and so needed.

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