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My Journey to Ireland

Giants Causeway

By Sister Kathleen Lunsmann

Have you been anywhere exciting lately? Where have you traveled to this year? I am often asked these questions by my family when we gather for the holidays. Most times I tell them about a conference I attended in a city I was visiting for the first time, or I tell them about places like Arizona or California or Florida where I often travel to visit with our donors.

This year, though, I had an especially exciting trip to talk about! In November, I was blessed to travel to Ireland for 8 fun-filled days.

Some of the most memorable moments from this journey are the untouched, rugged landscapes like the Giant’s Causeway on the way from Belfast to Derry, or the Cliffs of Moher, where we had amazing views of the Galway Bay. The visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock was especially meaningful for me. Because the scenery in Ireland is so beautiful, I never tired of being on the tour bus as we drove from one historic site to the next beautiful cathedral.  

Giant’s Causeway

What else did I enjoy? My travel companions! Though we didn’t know each other at the start of the trip, by the end we were sharing our best photos with each other. I think when you share a love of history and a common desire to travel, you can only make the trip better for each other! 

I hope you’ll consider joining me when I travel to Ireland again this year.  Come with me and join other friends of SOAR! for an unforgettable 10-day spiritual and cultural journey. I look forward to spending this time with you. 


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