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Advent, Week One: Hope


Over the years, SOAR! has collected words of wisdom from many of the aging Catholic religious helped by your goodness and generosity. This Advent, we will be sharing some of these reflections on our blog.

My religious life has been filled with the wisdom of second grade children.  Their questions about God and Jesus were such a gift for many years.  Their trust in the scripture stories of Jesus filled my own faith with great joy.  That most asked question (“Did Jesus really do that for us?”) made me dance. Their ability to hold on to these two thoughts, “God always loves you no matter what” and “God will always forgive you if you really want it,” was not only what I taught but what I learned through their faith.

God bless all the children God gave me in my life to share my faith and love with.

Sister Eleanor Hoffmann, OP
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters

Gentle Jesus, give me the heart of a child – a heart of wonder, trust and presence.  Awaken in me the gift of your joy. Help me to be a source of joy-filled hope to those I meet this week. Amen.

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