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SOAR! donors keep Sisters warm

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Last fall, the Sisters of the Monastery of the Visitation in Toledo, Ohio reached out to SOAR! with an urgent request. The boilers for the monastery, which controlled the heating system, were beyond repair. They needed a replacement before the cold winter set in.  

Thanks to our donors, SOAR! was able to provide a $25,000 grant and the Sisters replaced the rusted old boilers.  

With dependable heat throughout the monastery, the Sisters no longer need to stay their rooms all day to stay warm. They can participate joyfully in the life of their community.  

In 2017, another congregation, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities received a grant to install two hot water boilers at their St. Mary of the Angels Convent in Williamsville, New York. 

The previous boilers were well past their prime, and replacement parts were impossible to find. Replacing the old boilers helped the Sisters avoid a costly emergency, and ensured the safety and comfort of their retired Sisters.  

“Having consistent, reliable hot water is not a concern anymore. It is so wonderful!” said Sister Marian Rose Mansius, OSF, who works at the convent.  

“The new boilers have improved our quality of life, especially in our health center and kitchen. It is also nice not to have to go downstairs anymore to jimmy rig the old boilers when they stopped working.”  

Sister Mary Walheim, OSF, said, “Thank you so much for our new boilers. I so much appreciate having hot water all the time now. I don’t miss the cold showers one bit. Life is good!”  

Thank you for helping to keep Sisters warm!  

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