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First Communion Memories: Sister Maria Elena Mariani, SSJ


Sister Maria Elena Mariani

I taught Religious Education for many years in several parishes of the diocese of Rochester, New York. Often I was given the First Communion class to teach. These children were so special and their little minds so open and ready to hear about Jesus and his friends. I told them Jesus would come to them in a special way on their First Communion. I would say to them, “When you come back to your pew, thank Jesus for this is a special moment. Talk to Him and ask Him to help you and to bless your family.”

I would also give the children a holy card, write a little message and put their First Communion date on the back. Often I have met children I have taught years ago and they tell me how they still have the holy card. This is a wonderful gift that comes back to me as I remember how special this day was for them and how God used me as an instrument in their life.

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