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Sister Cecile Jubinville, O.S.C.O

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Sister Cecile Jubinville

Each Monday in Lent, SOAR! will share a reflection about one of the Cistercian (Trappestine) Sisters living in Raphael’s Wing, the small infirmary at Mt. St. Mary’s Abbey. 

First profession: March 17, 1952

Sister Cecile, 96, daughter of a French-Canadian lace worker, is a native of Pawtucket, RI.  She entered the abbey in 1949, having first heard about it while working at a chiropractor’s office where several monks of Our Lady of the Valley in Cumberland, RI (now moved to Spencer, MA) were patients.  She was the abbey’s first postulant who persevered; amazingly, she remembers sleeping on straw mattresses and wearing the long-sleeved white woolen cowl to dinner in the refectory in August — but she stuck it out!

Originally named Mother Benedict, she worked for many years as bookkeeper, head of the candy house and, then, prioress from 1958-1971.  She then became founding superior of Wrentham’s foundation in Arizona.  She returned to Wrentham over 15 years ago.  While she’s in a wheelchair now, she remains active in the community, and often tutors those who are not native English-speakers.

Reflection for the first Monday in Lent

Scripture verse for the week:

The LORD God formed man out of the clay of the ground
and blew into his nostrils the breath of life,
and so man became a living being. (Gen 2:7-9)

As we begin our journey from Lent into Easter, we’re reminded that God’s breath is in each of us. We’re reminded that we are all part of God’s plan. Sister Cecile continues to be an active presence in her community. She shares in the life-giving love of God. This week, how can you share and participate in the breath of God’s life in you?


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