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For the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi

Sister Marie in a garden

August 11 is the feast of St. Clare of Assisi, foundress of the Poor Clare nuns.Sr. Marie Beha Sister Marie Beha, OSC, a Poor Clare nun in Traveler’s Rest, SC shares a reflection on her life as a Poor Clare.

“Yes, my heart listens for the word of the Lord. And I hear it in so many places and ways.  I detect it in  each joy and sorrow that the days bring into my life, rejoicing in the first sip of morning coffee and in evening’s final swallow of clear water. I listen as the birds sing outside my window and the phone rings with some need. I hear God’s voice in the words my Poor Clare Sisters utter and in the mail that brings the needs of so many others to our attention.

Most of all I hear it in the words of God that theme each day’s liturgy.  I listen to the voice of God in Psalms and in the Scripture that is a staple of each days Eucharist.  Poor Clares gather for this liturgy six times each day so we are never far from its formative influence.  Sometimes a phrase that I have heard so many times opens up with new meanings.  Sometimes it simply gives vocabulary to what is already in my heart.  I hear the cry of today’s world in the ancient language of a psalm verse.  I am honored to be part of the praying church that gives it such voice today.

This is my Poor Clare’s heart-desire and I want to listen more closely each day.  I am grateful for the help of hearing aids and the hearing loop that enables my ears to hear so my heart can better respond.”

Thanks to the generosity of SOAR! donors, the Sisters received a 2015 SOAR! grant for a hearing loop for their chapel. As the Sisters gather in the chapel to pray, know that you are also remembered in their prayers.

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