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Sister Blandina Segale


Her first outpost was Public School No. 1, where she had no difficulty explaining that bad things happen to people who break moral laws. When the town’s hulking sheriff had to face down a lynch mob, Sister Blandina stood with him. Later she found a way to repair the school, a crude adobe hut where the roof dripped cockroaches on her students’ heads. After the locals told her that there was no money to fix it, Sister Blandina took a crowbar and climbed up on the roof to do the job herself. At the sight of that, six men arrived with tools and adobe molds. They took over, telling her that women were only fit to do white washing. This was man’s work. Still, she showed them how to make the plaster.

excerpt from

Sisters: Catholic Nuns and the Making of America—John J. Fialka.

St. Martin’s Press. New York, NY. 2003

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May 2014

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