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Mother Alfred Moes

catholicnuns_icon2Sisters of St. Francis of Our Lady of Lourdes

In 1883 after a funnel-shaped cloud touched down and devastated Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. W. W. Mayo took charge of the thirty-four injured victims, arranging them in makeshift cubicles on the polished floor of Rommel’s Dance Hall. He rounded up some volunteers to help nurse them, but they tended to come and go. That was a problem until Dr. Mayo hit on the idea of a more stable source of free help: Nuns!

So he went to the convent of the Sisters of St. Francis and said in his characteristically shy Minnesota way: “There ought to be a sister down there to look after those fellows.” Mother Alfred took over the nursing functions. When the crisis had passed, she took the good doctor aside and confided something to him. She had this dream about how the two of them might build a hospital in Rochester.

As Dr. Mayo recalled the discussion, he was flabbergasted. How in the world could he, an elderly doctor, do that? Mother Alfred pointed out that he had two sons. They could become surgeons. Dr. Mayo fell back to another defensive position. How could they hope to build a great hospital in Rochester, questioned the doctor. Even if her dream were accomplished, he argued, “How would the world know if we did?” “With faith and hope and energy it will succeed,” said the nun.

excerpt from

Sisters:  Catholic Nuns and the Making of America—John J. Fialka.

St. Martin’s Press. New York, NY. 2003

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March 2013

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