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Sister Mary Ann Zrust, SLW

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Sister Mary Ann Zrust professed her final vows in 1954 

She spent 27 years as a teacher and principal in Missouri and Minnesota. She went on to serve on her congregational leadership team for 7 years; as a pastoral associate in Berwyn, Illinois for 10 years; as Coordinator of Spiritual Life on the leadership team for 5 years; at the Office of Vicar for Priests of the Archdiocese of Chicago for 7 years; and in history research at the Living Word Center.

She authored “Seasoned by the Word” and collected writings for “Response to the Word.” 

My name is Sister Mary Ann Zrust, a member of the Sisters of the Living Word. Due to an injury I sustained almost two years ago, I’ve been a resident at Resurrection Life Center, a nursing care facility in Chicago. While there is some mobility of which I am capable, I realize that this may lessen for me as time goes on. Presently, I am able to attend some community functions with assistance. One of the major sources of keeping abreast of happenings from day to day as well as seeking information that is vital to my level of interest is the use of a computer and printer. For this, I am very grateful to SOAR!.

Since my mental capacities are still quite functional, I hope I will be blessed in continuing to be involved in community events for some years to come. That may not be true physically, however. Hence, I see the tremendous advantages of Live Streaming for myself and other Sisters of the Living Word who may be confined here or at another geographic nursing care facility in the future.

Attending the annual community assembly is of extreme importance to me. Should I not be able to undertake that physical movement in a few years, to be connected by means of Live Streaming would be invaluable to me or others with similar disabilities. Other community functions such as the observance of our patronal feast, Annunciation, reflection experiences offered by others of our sisters as well as events rendered by various groups at Living Word Center could be made accessible for me and others here at Resurrection Life Center.

About a month ago an attempt was made by means of Web-Ex to connect sisters in the various areas of the country to share discussions and reflections. This means of communicating was unable to be realized successfully following many efforts. Hence, I believe Live Streaming would have been the answer to our dilemma. On occasion small group discussions concerning community issues might be possible not only for members in one location but by connecting sisters in different localities of the country. Other opportunities may also be available, I believe.

From the vantage point at which I am, I see many possibilities for us as Sisters of the Living Word in keeping connected with the technological resources available as the future progresses. Thank you for considering our community’s request for a grant from SOAR! to further enhance the means of being connected as we move forward in religious life with many unknowns.

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