As an IRS-certified 501(c)3 organization, SOAR! is part of several grant organization listings. We are also identified as a secure website for the purposes of online donations. These listings and certifications verify that SOAR! is a trustworthy organization with appropriate audit and annual report documentation filed. Below is our current list of certifying organizations.


The Official Catholic Directory

The Official Catholic Directory is the most authoritative resource for the Catholic Church in the United States today. Each annual edition provides clergy, religious, and lay members with the most up-to-date personnel changes, new appointments and assignments, and contact information. The Official Catholic Directory contains listings for religious orders of men and women, and related organizations such as SOAR!.


SOAR! is a Guidestar Exchange Platinum Participant. GuideStar’s Mission is to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving. They gather and disseminate information about every single IRS-registered nonprofit organization. They provide as much information as possible about each nonprofit’s mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency, governance, and more.

America’s Best Charities

The America’s Best Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to charitable organizations that meet the highest standards of public accountability, program efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Applicant charities must provide evidence of their program activities and demonstrate the benefit of their services. They must submit for review their most recent IRS tax returns with all schedules.

Security Certifications


The transactional areas of SOAR!’s website, and the website’s overall security health, is certified by SecurityMetrics. SecurityMetrics is a leading provider and innovator in data security and compliance for organizations worldwide. Their mission is to help organizations comply with financial, government, and healthcare mandates through innovative security tools, caring customer support, and qualified expertise.

Our website hosting and support provider, Perisphere Media, works closely with us and SecurityMetrics to ensure that the SOAR! website remains secure and up-to-date.