Easter Blessings

An Easter Prayer


A prayer by Sister Carol Loughney, IHM

Dear God, when all seems lost and trees and ground are lifeless, I wait, I look, I listen with the eyes and ears of my mind and heart…

In the midst of winter, Lent arrives and I expect to see or hear something of new life but earth and scriptures speak of sacrifice, letting go, giving up, loving to the bitterest of ends, with faint stirrings of hope, faith, forgiveness.

I examine my world as well as my heart to see signs of life.  Weeks drag on…

Holy Week arrives Lord, and in the depth of our Lenten spring ground and heart are aching for the warm sun and rain that will awaken the stirrings of life, long-awaited.

Holy Thursday, Jesus you give body broken and blood poured out, given for us and our salvation.

Food for the journey.

Good Friday, the depth of my being is stirred through death and ancient promises… thank you Lord!

I wait, I wait.  Holy Saturday morning…I wait…

Saturday afternoon…I wait, longing for the vigil to awaken the earth and the heart to the impossible.

The first spring moon shines on us as we light the new fire, bless the new water, adorn and light the paschal candle…

Lighted candle then carried with sounds of long-awaited hope.

We sit with lighted taper and recall the darkness and promises of the past but new life can wait no longer… it bursts out in songs and bells, lights and lilies, signs of a glorious of resurrection.



The old prophesies are fulfilled.

What, the death of Jesus? Impossible!  On a tree? Intolerable!

Risen from the dead – incredulous!!

“Mary, go tell my disciples that I am risen”

At last life, joy, eternity revealed.

Daffodils, crocus, red buds spring up and the waters sing their own tune.

I feel joy in this miraculous pronouncement,.

“Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.”

The colors, the Chrism, the music, the smiles of resurrection are around about us.

Our senses awaken…The earth celebrates.


I am grateful Lord. Amen

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