Bringing joy to the world through music

Sister Andre Marie Fujier is a Dominican Sister of Mission San Jose. She professed her first vows in 1956, and has spent more than 55 years as a music teacher.

In a recent interview with SOAR! staff, Sister Andre Marie notes that she first thought about being a Sister when she was a little girl and attended St. Vincent School in Los Angeles. The Sisters’ kindness made a deep impression on her.

As she moved through grammar school, her love for music led her to want to become a performer. But then, in high school, she again thought about becoming a Sister. Her mother wasn’t very happy with this path, so Sister Andre Marie worked right after high school and then joined the order when she turned 20. “I deeply felt the call to become a Sister!”

Her greatest joy in her years of religious life is teaching music. “I’ve taught music education and instrumental music to all grade levels through college and even adult learners,” Sister said. “Arts bring us closer to God and God’s people. Bringing out the gift of music people have is just one way I give back the gift that I have. My life and my prayer is through music.”

Sister Andre Marie admits that teaching was not always easy. Some students were harder to reach. “I always tried my best to show them not give up on themselves,” she shares. “I still remember and pray especially for those students.”

These days, Sister helps wherever she is needed. She continues to share the gift of music at liturgy and prayer.

When asked for some words of wisdom, Sister Andre Marie said, “In my life, I’ve always tried to do the best I can. Everyone has different paths and everyone has a gift. We all need to share our gifts to help each other. When we do that, we are respecting and honoring the gift of life within each of us and creation.”

The Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose in California are past recipients of SOAR! grants, including a recent $20,000 grant to purchase a new elevator door operating system.